I am a qualified primary teacher and trained at St Mary’s University. A dedicated and creative educator with eight years of experience delivering the curriculum to a wide range of learners. I am committed to creating meaningful and stimulating content that develops student’s creativity, communication, collaboration and confidence.

Having worked in various educational settings, I have curated and implemented a bank of teaching strategies that are intentionally designed to support, challenge, engage, and excite all learners. As an educator, I believe it is important to remain reflective. I continue to carry out research and training in all primary subjects to ensure it is both engaging and relevant to the learners. Ultimately, my goal is to instil a passion for learning in every learner! I want every learner to leave each session feeling motivated and curious.

My teaching style is both personal and collaborative, as well as, creative and dynamic. When preparing my lesson, I will utilise a wide range of approaches and learning resources in order to target different pupils with different abilities and learning styles; facilitate independent learning and pupil evaluation; monitor the progress of each of my learners and provide meaningful and personalised feedback. My lesson will incorporate a hook to engage learners from the start; a break down of content in sizeable chunks; embedded with effective questioning and activities that consolidate key skills learnt in that lesson.

I believe that every child has extraordinary capacities and tremendous talents – excited to embark on this journey with them!