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  • Afshan Habib

    Year 9 (Maths, English & Science)

    Since my daughter started lessons, she has gained in confidence and knowledge in all areas. The lessons are fun, interactive and well planned. The teachers have excellent communication skills and, in the current environment of lock down and social distancing, these lessons have proven to be a good supplement to online school work that is being set, as well as providing necessary social interaction. The low price of the lessons are excellent value for money and the small class sizes are perfect for online teaching.

  • Luqman Hamed

    A-Level (Maths)

    The learning experience is great due to superb teaching quality. The pricing is very reasonable but at no compromise the to the quality of learning. The online experience is brilliant

  • Nuzhat Mahmood

    A-Level & GCSE (Maths, Economics, Science)

    Talha and his team have been the answer to my prayers over lock down . They are professional, organised and extremely knowledgeable. My son has benefited immensely from all the tuition thus far. The price we pay is the icing on the cake for such superb tuition.

  • Leanne Cope

    A-Level (Maths & Economics)

    After only a few lessons he has cleared up and explained many economic concepts which I used to find confusing. Very professional and the lessons are well structured. Very highly recommended.

  • Sameena Farooq

    Year 7 (Maths)

    These classes have proven very helpful for Danyaal, especially due to the fact he is not attending school during lockdown. The work sent online from school is not sufficient as they don’t have that interaction with a teacher. This online class has helped Danyaal keep up with his curriculum and he has understood the topics really well. He also enjoys the way the teacher teaches and finds him a fun teacher.

  • Zinab Nazif

    A-Level (Economics)

    Talha has an extraordinary ability to engage the attention of the student throughout his lessons, his speed and level of engagement and delivery is high, and it seems to me just the right for my son to be fully involved. Talha seems to manage to provide a lot of content in a structured way (which is promising and important for me as a parent) and to deliver it in such a way as to make my son love the time spent together and to want to do more Economics. Talha is a pleasure to communicate with; he is very responsive and excellent timekeeping. We feel hopeful that my son will be able to learn from him a lot in terms of content and through a very enjoyable process.

  • Yasmeen Ismaeel

    Year 6 (Maths)

    Talha’s teaching style has been instrumental in Sofia success over the last 3 months - I would strongly endorse this programme and have no hesitation in recommending it to my family and friends.

  • Ripa Ahmed

    GCSE (Maths)

    I've found that online learning has been extremely beneficial due to the comfortable time range and the great quality of teaching, and the lessons are very good value for money.

  • Dr Asma Khan

    Year 9 (Maths, English)

    We have recently joined the tution academy. So far it has been very helpful. Noraiz is enjoying his classes and has started doing some work.

  • Farah Dar

    A-Level, GCSE & Year 8 (Maths, Science)

    I found the delivery and content very useful fir my child. The price was reasonable for us also.

  • Hassan Rashid

    Year 9 (Science)

    Interactive and relevant session for the kids. Keeps them involved and offers great value as the lesson is followed by sample questions.

  • Shazia Omar

    GCSE (Science)

    My daughter is finding the lessons very useful. A great help towards her GCSE’s for next year.

  • Sawsan Elhuda

    A-Level (Maths & Economics)

    Talha is a very polite, competent teacher in his subjects and really helpful.I strongly recommend him for any student who needs help.

  • Charlie Badland

    A-Level (Maths)

    Talha helped massively with my A level maths as he could explain all topics in depth to boost my understanding and resulted in my final grade being two grades above predicted.

  • Jayne Craven

    A-Level (Economics)

    Talha saved the day after my son’s school struggled to complete the curriculum on time. Eight or so one to one sessions brought my son up to date and consolidated his knowledge.
    Results day today and an A.

  • Kay Zhang

    GCSE & A-Level (Maths)

    It’s lucky that we found Talha to teach our son. He is always kind and helpful. Will recommend him to our friends as well.

  • Ruksana Khan

    Year 7 & GCSE (Maths)

    Talha is very encouraging and knows how to calm children who feel they lacking confidence

  • Liz Durrant

    GCSE (Maths)

    Talha has been excellent in helping my stepson prepare for his maths gcse this year. i would highly recommend him to anyone who's child needs support with maths. Always on time and excellent communication with me reading the scheduling of the lessons.

  • Andrew Broadhurst

    A-Level (Maths & Economics)

    Talha is very professional in the manner in which he teaches. He adapts well to the level of understanding you have to make the sessions have the greatest impact. He is also very flexible with hours to study which is great as i am currently doing A levels. It is a pleasure to have him teach rather than a chore. Thank you Talha

  • Robert Tong

    A-Level (Economics)

    Very effective teaching style which challenges the student to think about the material and leads to a deeper understanding of the subject - Economics.

  • Theresa Mobley

    GCSE (Maths)

    Talha is an excellent, polite and respectful tutor who has a very clear and effective teaching method. After only four lessons my Son has made a noticeable improvement to his grade already. Thank you Talha!

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