Science, Maths

I am a qualified science and maths teacher with a specialism in physics. I trained at the Institute of Education at UCL and graduated with my PGCE in 2020. I decided to go into this field of teaching because I wanted to share my love for science and maths, so I began a PGCE at the Institute of Education in London. I was determined to change how students viewed maths and physics and help future generations appreciate the beauty and elegance of these subjects.

I have high expectations of my pupils, always pushing them to try more complex questions to grow in ability and confidence. I praise my pupils specifically for the effort that they put in and not their natural ability. During my teaching in high school and my educational research during my PGCE, I discovered the phenomenon called Mathematical Anxiety. I found a lot of pupils are hesitant to try in maths lessons because they fear getting questions wrong and making mistakes. I think this mentality can be catastrophic to a learner’s success and confidence as I understand that mistakes are a fundamental part of the learning process, they should not be feared, but instead be embraced and used as feedback. I use my own experience and research to inform my teaching to keep my practice well informed and effective.

Outside of education, I am very passionate about physical training. I used to play badminton, water polo and football. I am currently in a phase of bodybuilding and look to compete one day in the future. Also, I am somewhat of an audiophile and I absolutely love all kinds and genres of music. I regularly spend evenings just discovering new songs and delving down the rabbit hole of different genres. Life would not be the same without music!