I am a qualified English and Drama teacher and trained at the university of Warwick. I have over a decade of secondary school teaching experience and have taught across the world from schools in the UK and most privileged schools in the Middle East to some of the most deprived schools in Africa. Rated as an ‘outstanding’ teacher throughout my career and being the head of English Literature, I pride myself on ensuring young people have an enjoyable and accessible experience whilst learning the Curriculum topics at all key stages.

Passionate about serving the youth, I develop and deliver innovative teaching initiatives and offer my counselling experience and skills to various youth mentoring programmes and organisations. As a qualified Life coach and NLP practitioner, as well as coaching women, I also deliver youth coaching sessions, motivational speaking and workshops, promoting the emotional and mental wellbeing of young people. These spaces are designed for them to achieve both their academic and personal life goals with more confidence and meaning.

I am also a writer, poet and author and like to explore and celebrate the power and beauty of words. Working with numerous charity organisations, I also work as an international aid worker and travel to some of the most impoverished places on earth, delivering lifesaving aid to refugees and those in need.

Living my message, my purpose and passions have led me to embrace a life of growth, travel and service.