Science, Engineering

I studied Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University and also did a Research Master’s degree at the University of Cambridge in the field of Aerodynamics.

Initially, I began my working career within the Aerospace sector and worked for one of Britain’s largest firms in designing gas turbine jet engines allowing people to travel wide and far. A couple of years ago I decided to transfer my skills to the exciting and fast-paced world of Formula One. Now I am a Senior Engineer within a small company designing and testing fuel cell compressors for aerospace and automotive applications.

Tutoring is a passion of mine; something I have always done alongside my work. I like to help students realise how they can use the skills they learn from their education into life skills. And at the same time excel in their lessons and enjoy the subjects. The National Curriculum gives us a backbone for the fundamentals, and if these foundations are solid then students will exceed in their education by either going to some of the top universities or going on to the best apprenticeship programs.

Outside of work and besides tutoring, I like to work on my coding and Apps designing skills, growing my own fruit and vegetables and spending time with my family.