I am a qualified Maths teacher trained at the UCL Institute of Education. I hold a First Class BSc in Mathematics from King's College London. I am currently the course leader of the 2nd year of A Level Maths at a leading Sixth Form College. I have previously taught Key stage 2 and 3, GCSE and Mathematics and Statistics for the University of London's external degree programmes.

Throughout my rewarding teaching experience, I have had high expectations of all my students and have raised their educational achievements. I have designed and delivered classes on a range of topics for Key Stage 2 to Degree Level Maths. Practicing inclusivity through differentiation has formed the epitome of my classroom experiences. I realised how a learning approach that may be successful for one student might not be so for another. I feel this is particularly key to removing barriers to inclusion and thus encouraging the participation of young people in education. Education is not a 'one size fits all' option but instead needs to be tailored to meet the needs of individual students. Therefore, I always monitor and adapt my lessons for the classes I teach to best accommodate for the needs of learners.

I have always found mathematics to be a fascinating subject with numerous applications to other subjects. I thoroughly enjoyed learning theoretical and applied aspects of the subject during my degree. Having studied mathematics to an advanced level has given me a breath of knowledge of the subject area. I aim to implement what I have learnt when teaching. Passing this discipline and the excitement of it to the next generation is something I feel passionate about, and can accomplish through teaching mathematics at all levels.

Aside from work, I am currently a student and teacher of the Arabic language. I have been teaching Arabic for the past seven years as a hobby for an established Arabic institute in London. I am also partaking in advance courses in Rhetoric, Poetry and Prose and Advanced Arabic Grammar.